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The first thing that strikes your mind when you consider Romania as a possible location for an international firm to set up shop – the high quality of life, cheapness and a supportive and friendly government. What you won’t get is the fact that Romania’s government has a very ambitious plan to transform the country into a modern, advanced and competitive global economy – the reason why there is a thriving tourism industry. Romania’s government has invested a lot of money in various development projects and has made great strides in modernizing and transforming the country’s institutions of higher learning including the universities, colleges and technical schools. This has given rise to the “Academic Exchange Program” or EAE, a scheme which brings internationally accredited professionals from all over the world to work and study at Romanian universities and colleges for a limited period of time – usually a part-time internship.


In line with this effort the government has also taken vital steps to establish a number of useful and long-term economic strategies to ensure that the country’s economy keeps growing. For the companies that are looking to hire a skilled specialist they need to consider this measure seriously, not only because it gives them access to a reliable source of labor, but also because the size of the potential market is huge – it’s estimated that there are over 100 million people who are qualified for a job in Romania, which translates to a market of almost one million professionals. If the company is able to find a highly skilled professional from a temporary recruitment agency (which is a much preferred method of finding skilled workers over the more common methods like hiring directly from an employer or seeking referrals from another person) then this would translate into a massive amount of potential revenue.


The government and its willingness to support the growth of the industry make Romania one of the most attractive places in the region for international firms to set up base. The benefits of working in Romania include a low cost of living, friendly and helpful employees, access to state-of-the art technology and – best of all – a supportive and friendly government. All these benefits have made Romania one of the most popular destinations for professionals to relocate to.

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