Industrial powder coating

industrial powder coating

Industrial powder coating is the process of applying a coating on metal surfaces for protection purposes. There are various industrial uses of this coating such as in the auto industry, aerospace industries, marine applications, paint manufacturing and even certain medical applications. The coating can be applied over any metal to provide a protective layer against corrosion. The coating provides an anti-corrosion protection, which is non-permeable thus giving the surface an extended life.


The industrial powder coating is generally applied over a base material, which can be metal or non-metal. For example you can coat stainless steel with asphalt to create a rubber coating. In this case you would apply the asphalt powder coating and then allow it to dry in order to form a hard rubber coating. Similar processes can be used to coat steel, aluminum, copper etc. Once the industrial powder coating has dried you can apply a clear protective coating to the metal using a cement-based product such as spray paint.


There are many advantages of using this coating for your industrial application. The most important advantage is that it provides a very high RIC including fire resistance. The coating will also resist corrosion from normal weathering conditions and other sources of damage. This coating is also excellent for use in a wide range of applications where the surface to be coated needs to stand up to harsh conditions. You can use it for coating metal surfaces as well as those that are just painted. It is also useful for applying decorations and coatings to make them look really attractive.

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