Singapore As a Land of Ideas

Architectural designers from Singapore are becoming world-class in their field, with an ever-increasing number of prestigious awards and fellowships. These professionals take their expertise from many different disciplines and merge them into a coherent design concept, while maintaining the individuality and character of each property. Singapore architects have the opportunity to hone their skills in the interdisciplinary field of residential building design and development and are highly sought after by global architecture firms due to the innovative concepts and design they bring to the table. The fact that Singapore has a booming real estate market and a rapidly expanding population is also a key factor in the success of these architects and their clients.

Singapore Land Authority

Some of the best Singapore architects have also gained awards in international architecture competitions such as the Venice Architecture Awards, the IFTA Building Design Competition and the International Academy of Architectural Design. Singapore’s focus on eco-friendly living is evident in the many green buildings that are being constructed here, such as the Eco Village and the Future World City Park. These innovative projects aim to create a healthy environment for the people who live there and teach them how to be environmentally conscious in the construction process as well as the use of resources and materials. A large number of Singaporean and foreign companies are also involved in the construction of these green buildings in order to provide a greener, more efficient home for their employees.

Singapore is not only known for its natural beauty but is also known for the services that it provides to its inhabitants, most especially in the field of residential building design and development. Architects are responsible for the designing of residential properties such as condominiums, townhouses and even row homes. There are also plenty of loft conversions happening all over the country, which give architects another chance to showcase their skills. Architects form an integral part of the construction process and ensure that the structure is safe, balanced, sustainable and aesthetically pleasing to the residents. With the help of the various technology infrastructures available in the city, including the Singapore Land Resources Agency and Urban Core Development Corporation, Singapore architects are able to fulfill their creative and technical needs in the quickest possible time.

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