What Does a Perinatal Doctor Do?

Oftentimes, when you visit an obstetrician, you will be asked to fill out a form that asks you questions about your medical history, your gender, and your family’s history. This information is used to create a demographic profile of your chances of having children in the future, as well as your overall health condition. In some instances, a specialist may also be asked to look at your child’s birth records to see if you were under any kind of stress while in the womb. All this is done so that the staff can create a patient profile for each and every patient, and for them to quickly understand who is at risk for certain types of diseases.


The typical visits to obstetrician St Leonards are very general, designed to gather a variety of information about women’s health. They are not usually diagnostic or surgical in nature. These visits are simply designed to capture the needs of the patient, and then to create a profile for a family medical record. This information is then sent to the family doctor for use in tracking down the right type of medical care, when it may be most critical. Oftentimes, these visits are used for screening women to determine if they may have a problem with certain diseases, such as diabetes.


Women who have undergone a visit at St Leonards may also be asked to complete a survey, and to provide information on their home life and jobs. As a patient, this survey will allow the doctor to know what you are like and to keep track of your personal changes. You may also be asked about your pregnancy and asked questions about the health of your fetus. Any information provided is kept secure with encryption technology, and is used solely for your own protection.

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